Who says that a bed must only be placed in a bedroom? It can also be placed in outdoor areas such as patio in order to add comfort in the area. If you are looking for a minimalist outdoor patio bed, here are some inspirations.

Curved Patio Bed
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Curved Patio Bed

Symmetric shapes sometimes make room appearances look monotonous and boring. If that is the problem you face in your patio, a curved patio bed can be your choice. A curved patio bed with a shape that is still balanced, this minimalist patio bed looks very dynamic and unique to be placed in the patio at your house. The curved shape is very suitable for relaxing while enjoying the perfect weather at your patio.

Round Patio Bed

Another choice to throw away symmetric shapes without removing the minimalist style is by using a round bed base for your minimalist patio bed. Choose a mattress and bed base in contrast colors so that the round shape can be clearly seen. This type of minimalist outdoor patio bed is more suitable to be placed in a spacious patio. Because the round bed base needs a lot of spaces.

Black-Framed Patio Bed

A minimalist patio bed can also look fancy. Even without any details or carvings, using black frames for your patio bed will make it looks strong and fancy without losing the minimalist style. You are able to place a curtain in the frame in order to protect you from mosquitos while you are enjoying your patio. Or you can place decorations to make the patio bed looks more attractive. The black color in the frames will balance the various colors in your patio.

Natural Patio Bed

Natural and minimalist is a perfect style combination for a patio. If you think a minimalist patio bed is too boring to be placed in your patio, you are able to combine the minimalist style with natural finishing materials so that your patio looks livelier. If you choose a wooden patio bed, choose the one that has soft natural wood patterns and soft tones. This way, your patio bed looks more natural without removing the minimalist style.

Full White Patio Bed

Do you want a perfect minimalist style for your outdoor patio bed? Then, dominate your patio bed with white. With the dominated white color, the view of your patio will be more accentuated. Moreover, this minimalist patio bed is suitable for a small patio.

Foldable Patio Bed
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Floating Patio Bed Design
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Tropical Patio Swing Bed
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Mediterranean Patio Bed Design
(Credit: www.chrisbarrettdesign.com)
Mediterranean Patio Bed Decoration
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Modern Patio Bed Design
(Credit:: www.adinternationaldecoration.com)
Contemporary Patio Bed Design
(Credit: fieldoutdoorspaces.com)
Patio Outdoor Round Bed
(Credit: inandoutus.com)
Outdoor Patio Bed Design
(Credit: gracethomasdesigns.com)

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