5 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Glass Patio Table Set

Have you ever thought to have Glass Patio Table Set to make your patio more elegant? The idea of purchasing this furniture set is quite incredible as long as you find out what to consider in choosing the glass table set for your patio. It is so because glass material is a fragile item. Moreover, if you are going to place this table for outdoor furniture, you must be very careful about choosing the right one as well as how to maintain it.

Glass Table Patio Set
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Here are the 5 things to consider when you are going to purchase Glass Patio Table Set to furnish your patio.


The first thing to consider about purchasing the glass table is to check the thickness of the glass. For glass tables which are used on a pedestal, you must choose the table with 3/8 inch or ½ inch thickness. The thicker the glass, the more it supports its functionality.

Meanwhile, for the table with glass on top as the cover, you may choose ¼ inch or 3/8 inch thickness. This measurement is considered suitable for most table covers.

Glass Size

The second thing to consider when you are going to purchase Glass Patio Table Set is the glass size. Make sure the glass size fits the table’s frame.

Glass Type

Glass type is the third thing to consider before finally picking up the product. In this case, there are at least four types of the glass you can choose. Those are the clear glass, HD glass, bronze, frosted or gray glass. The selection you make is largely based on your personal preference.

Glass Strength

Don’t forget to consider the glass strength too. It is very important dealing with safety use of the table. When you have more kids at home, it becomes more and more important thing to figure out. In this case, you are recommended to choose the tempered glass for optimum safety.

Glass Edges

Now let’s come to consider the glass edges. Designed for an outdoor patio table, Glass Patio Table Set must have flat or beveled edges for most square, rectangle or round table.

Glass Top Patio Table Set
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Patio Set Glass Table
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Round Glass Patio Table Set
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Glass Patio Table Set
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Conclusively, choosing the right Glass Patio Table Set still needs at least 5 things to consider before finally purchasing the product. It is aimed to avoid the wrong choice that you may make. Make sure you have gained much information before you come to the store to pick one set of glass patio table.


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