6 Best Woods for Wooden Patio Furniture

Do you really want to have a durable wood for your garden bench or Wood Patio Furniture? Have you know more about wood? Which wood is the best to choose for the patio furniture? If you know only a little about wood, keep staying and reading. Since patio furniture adds the perfect furnishing to fit the landscape yard, you have to find out the right patio furniture which is made from the suitable material, in this case, is the wood type.

Wood Patio Furniture Sets
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This article is going to share you the kinds of wood you should know so that you can choose the best Wood Patio Furniture for your patio or backyard.


Acacia is considered as sustainable and eco-friendly wood which is able to withstand the elements. Boat building often uses acacia due to its hard character. If acacia is used for patio furniture, it must be left unsealed to avoid the discoloration because of contacting with the damp ground.

Acacia Wood Patio Furniture
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Cedar is the next type of wood you can consider to construct Wood Patio Furniture. It is very good to use for patio furniture because the wood is resistant to insects as well as rot. As a lightweight wood, Cedar can be a perfect choice for outdoor furniture you place in your patio. It also matches with the other furniture. Cedar is known to retain moisture.

Eucalyptus Wood Patio Furniture
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Have you known Cypress? This is the kinds of wood which is also resistant to rot and insects. Cypress is very popular for its withstanding capability without a finishing. However, if you want your Cypress Wood Patio Furniture to last longer, you must coat it with oil. This is the stable wood although seasons are changing.

Reclaimed Wood Patio Furniture
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The next wood you can consider for Wood Patio Furniture is the redwood. Redwood is always used for outdoor furniture although this wood is in limited supply. Redwood is durable no matter the weather conditions are changing. It is naturally resistant to insects and decay. It also proves to be stable.

Patio Furniture Wood
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Shorea consists of more than 200 species of tree. The common woods included as Shorea are Meranti, Lauan, Balau, and Mahogany. Shorea is less expensive and is usually used with teak. For daily use furniture, you could also consider this wood for your Wood Patio Furniture.

Outdoor Wood Patio Furniture
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Teak is best wood ever. If you really want to have strong outdoor furniture, it is highly recommended that you use teak. It is resistant to decay, repelling water, not shrinking or swelling and incredibly very strong.

Teak Wood Patio Furniture
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Over the 6 best woods to construct Wood Patio Furniture, you may conclude that teak is taking the first rank. However, due to its expensive price, you can still use other wood which are also good for outdoor furniture.

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