Outdoor Patio Lighting Planning Arrangements

Outdoor Patio Lighting
Outdoor Patio Lighting (Credit: Ryan Goldman, Jennifer Roberts, Eric Doolin via nsds.squarespace.com)

If you don’t want your patio to be dark, installing the right outdoor patio lighting is important. You need to remember that the patio requires light, even when you are going to use it during daytime. After all, the patio can be used to entertain friends or families, including when they are visiting you at night – but you won’t be able to do so when the patio doesn’t have any light, will you? That’s why it doesn’t hurt if you can learn about some outdoor lighting facts (and also handy tips) before installing the fixtures.

The Types of Lighting

When you are planning the exterior lighting, don’t forget to include these three types of lights: accent lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting. Wall lights, post lights, and hanging lights are parts of the ambient lighting. Security lights, pathway lights, and deck lights are included in the task lighting. And for the accent lighting, the spotlights and landscape kits are the example variants. If you are able to include these three lighting types, you have improved the maximum functionality of the patio. If you have smaller patio and you don’t have much to spend, you can include solar spotlights, LED candles, and string lights – they all represent the three different lighting types.

Patio Deck Lighting Ideas
Patio Deck Lighting Ideas (Credit: buildittolast.com)

Other Handy Tips

Here are other handy tips in managing your outdoor patio lighting smartly and efficiently:

  • It is crucial if you want to avoid too bright (or even too dimmed) result. You can calculate the numbers of lights needed with this simple calculation. The area’s square foot needs to be multiplied by 1.5 to know the total required wattage. Let’s say you have a patio with 100 square feet dimension. It means that you will need around 150W in total.
  • Plan the fixture. You want to get the details of the measurement. You don’t want to end up with too small fixture or too big installation for your needs.
  • Include the LED. If you want to save up operational cost, the LEDs would be the perfect option.
  • Entertain and comfort. Imagine when you want to enjoy a nice outdoor dining moment and yet the lights are too bright that they hurt your eyes. It’s not really comfortable, is it? You can use such an experience or thought to choose the right fixture or brightness. If it is for entertainment, you want to use subtle light instead of the bright one.
Traditional Patio Lighting
Traditional Patio Lighting (Credit: Lorena Ongaro-Anderson Design)
Exterior Lighting Patio Decoration
Exterior Lighting Patio Decoration (Credit: Barbara Ries via pedersenassociates.com)
Outdoor Patio String Light
Outdoor Patio String Light (Credit: estestinc.com)
Mediterranean Patio Lighting Ideas
Mediterranean Patio Lighting Ideas (Credit: ronneallightingsesign.com)
Contemporary Patio String Light
Contemporary Patio String Light (Credit: vgzarquitectura.com)
Outdoor Lighting Traditional Patio Design
Outdoor Lighting Traditional Patio Design (Credit: touchstonelights.com)
Boho Treetop House-Eclectic Patio Lighting
Boho Treetop House-Eclectic Patio Lighting (Credit: shannonggem.com)

Planning the outdoor lights may not be easy but it shouldn’t be impossible or complicated if you know what to expect. When done properly, the outdoor patio lighting can seriously improve the ambiance and atmosphere of your outdoor setting.

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