Patio Canopy Types and Operational Options

Patio Canopy
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Choosing the right patio canopy should be included in your patio planning project – whether you have a DIY project or hiring the professional service. It would be a good idea to know what kind of awning types to install in your patio so the planning process can be easier. Knowing your options and the wide arrays of available picks can help.

Different Types of Patio Canopy

Among the many types of patio canopy ideas, it would be interesting to learn different types of patio canopy. The most popular one is the patio awning where it is constructed in a wall mounted style. The canopy will be installed on the wall and then extended outward, covering the smoking or seating area. The fixed canopy means that the canopy is fixed and can’t be changed. The retractable canopy means that the canopy can be operated – it can be extended outward when needed and then rolled (or pulled) back when you want to enjoy the roofless atmosphere. There is the so-called veranda awning whose construction is similar to the patio awning, but it has a fixed frame that won’t budge when you retract the awning.

Tropical Patio Canopy
Tropical Patio Canopy (Credit:

Another option is the freestanding canopy. It doesn’t have any wall mounting construction because it has its own structural freestanding frame, so the canopy can be fixed onto it. If you have an open space patio, this one will be the perfect option for you. Another perk of this patio canopy is its flexibility to cover big and wide spaces, such as the lawns, poolside areas, and also restaurants. If you have a conservatory-construction on your patio, having the conservatory canopy can help. It’s like having your own roof – which is similar to the roof of the house.

Lattice Cover Patio Canopy
Lattice Cover Patio Canopy (Credit:

Cassette Variants

Besides the different types of the canopy, you should also consider the cassette types for the operation. The first one is the full cassette canopy which is considered perfect if you are looking for the full protection from the weather, including vandalism and dirt. The canopy can be retracted, and when it happens, the arms and fabric will be kept inside the already built-in casing. The semi cassette type is the mix between the full cassette and open type. As the name suggests, the canopy can be partially closed. There is also the open canopy which will be perfect if your garden already has enough protection. Because of the absence of the cassette enclosure, your property has with lightweight outcome. Those are some of the options for your patio canopy options and pick.

Iron Shade Contemporary Patio Canopy
Iron Shade Contemporary Patio Canopy (Credit:
Midcentury Patio Canopy
Midcentury Patio Canopy (Credit:
Patio Canopy Umbrella
Patio Canopy Umbrella (Credit:
Mediterranean Patio Canopy
Mediterranean Patio Canopy (Credit: Earth Art Landscape)
Mediterranean Patio Canopy Design
Mediterranean Patio Canopy Design (Credit:
Canopy System Traditional Patio
Canopy System Traditional Patio (Credit:
Modern Patio Canopy Ideas
Modern Patio Canopy Ideas (Credit:

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