Patio Fence Functions and Ideas

Traditional Patio Fence
Traditional Patio Fence (Credit:

What’s the deal with the patio fence? The fence can provide a lot of different functions. It can offer you privacy from your neighbors or the prying eyes. It can also act as the decorative element for the outdoor setting. It will also act as the barrier – stating which area that you want to determine. So, what are the things should you notice and how you should come up with the right pick?

Outdoor Patio Fence Garden
Outdoor Patio Fence Garden (Credit:

The Overall Functions of the Fence

Imagine this: you want to build a patio because you need a place to hang out, relax, chill, or simply wind out or escape from the busy schedule. The problem is, your backyard is an open space and you don’t have any fence with the neighbor. All these years, you and your neighbor share the space and each of you understands the territory. But then again, you now need a ‘shield’ that will block the view.

Contemporary Patio Wood Fence
Contemporary Patio Wood Fence (Credit:

You have two options, really. You can start building the solid fence or you can go with the portable one. These fences have the same function: they will block the view from the outside world, offering your more privacy. The solid patio fence is a fixed construction and it is generally costly. The portable fence, on the other hand, is easily moved area and more flexible. The fence is cheaper, naturally. Depending on your needs, you need to choose which one to like the most. If you don’t want to deal with the fuss of moving things around, the solid one will be the perfect one. If you want the flexible option, then the portable item will be the best option.

Contemporary Patio Fence Ideas
Contemporary Patio Fence Ideas (Credit:

Different Options

When it comes to the various patio fence ideas, there are tons of different designs to choose. The decorative fence (whether it is the solid or portable one) can add the appealing element of the outdoor decor. It provides better privacy and also interesting focal point to the entire design. It is also possible to choose the gateless construction – provided that you value direct access more than security. You don’t need to have the gate. Simply install the offset fences, giving you access to the path and yet you can also block the view from the street.

Transitional Patio Fence Design
Transitional Patio Fence Design (Credit:

Besides the regular fence construction, you can also consider the fence to shield the wind. This is especially ideal if you live on the rooftop or apartment where the wind is usually stronger and harsher. This is another good idea for the patio fence that is ideal for your needs.

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