Small Patio Garden Design Inspirations

Patio garden design ideas are endless. It is because there are a bunch of designs that you can apply to a patio garden. Such as minimalist, modern, vintage, classic, and so on. Moreover, a patio garden should not always be spacious. Even though you have limited spaces at your house, you can still have a patio garden by following these inspirations below.

Patio Front yard

A garden should not always be in an opened area. You can also use your roofed patio as a front yard. You do not have to tear down the patio floors in order to plants beautiful flowers there. Instead, you can place various flower pots on your patio floors. In order to make your patio front yard looks prettier, choose flowers that have large petals and matched colors with the exterior of your house.

Living Walls

The next inspiration is a living wall. Living walls are a solution for you who want to have a garden in limited spaces. Utilize empty walls of your patio by hanging some flower pots. This way, you will not only able to have a garden, but also simply beautify your patio.


A birdbath as a patio garden decoration is still rarely used. Birdbath is a place where wild birds can take a bath there. Its size is not really big and you can decorate its edges with small plants such as mini cactus. This decoration will make your patio garden even more beautiful. Especially with chirps of the wild birds. This idea is also suitable to be applied to concrete patio designs layouts.

Waterfall Walls

If the walls of your patio garden are pretty spacious, create a waterfall wall. Then, plants some green plantations around it so that it feels like you have a private waterfall in your patio garden. Moreover, the waterfall wall will make the atmosphere in your patio garden fresher. The sounds of gurgling water will make a natural atmosphere even stronger.


A patio garden should not always be filled with colorful flowers. A land of green grass can also create a pretty and natural impression. To make your patio garden neater, you can build a footpath. If you want the appearance of your patio garden looks more attractive, you can use colorful natural stones or patterned natural stones. It is a simple and instant way to make your patio garden looks stylish.

Those are the patio garden design ideas.

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