Tips for Concrete Patio Placement

One of the biggest mistakes which many new designers made is the tendency to place one big slab patio in the back of the house. Although it might look very traditional look, in fact, it is rarely simple or practice. For the most functional and best patio design, then you need to consider the exposure of shade and sun, the outdoor scenery, proximity of the house as well as your activities to accommodate like dining, entertaining, sunbathing and cooking as well. Of course, you can get some concrete patio designs layouts below and you will discover the simple tool which bee used by landscape designers to plan and adjust the patio placement ideas as well.

Creating your patio plans

The first step to make your patio plan is considering the functionality of your space and how it would be actually used. One thing that you have to know is “form following function” and you have to keep this timeless adage in your mind when you designing the back yard area and you should not be wrong. Unless, if you are regularly holding the big meetings and need anyone in one big size of patio space. It would be better to break down space into some smaller patio areas or even outdoor spaces as well. This is something that you should know at the first time when you consider backyard concrete patio ideas.

Concrete patio designs layouts

Generally, the best thing to make some outdoor living spaces to accommodate the natural tendency of people will break into smaller groups. When you are at the party, then you are able to take a look at how the guests break down to the smaller groups and they travel to the other groups. You are able to design the patio layouts by creating some interesting areas in your backyard.

Concrete patio layouts and designs

Here some ideas to decide the patio placement

The open backyard just like the blank canvas which filled up by the chance to design an inviting patio in your backyard. However, in this area can be triggering some questions such as, what options are available? Where do you start? What size patio that you have to put in? And so on. So, here there are some concrete patio designs layouts below that you can try.

Making inviting areas

You should know that the best key to designing your inviting outdoor space is making the areas which can draw people to go into the yard. Even, the smaller properties, your backyard patio does not only become one big space like the giant rectangular slab which been placed in your backdoor. In this idea, you will see the patio and dining area in the one of the house’s side, but you are also able to see the water feature and concrete seating space in the outer edge in your property. Here something to nor, you should place the patio at the back door. Give some reasons to get out and enjoy other areas in the backyard.

Choosing the right patio size

In this sketch, the biggest space had been dedicated to the complicated outdoor kitchen. This is very ideal to entertain, then this patio will provide you with a spacious area for people who prefer to gather in that space and to accommodate the seating areas and table. Here the design tip for concrete patio design ideas, when choosing the size of your patio, then you have to give extra space for those who walk around the table and behind or even between the outdoor pieces. Your patio should be pretty large for your furniture or table, but it should include the extra walk path of space for your traffic.

Designing creative landscaping and hardscaping

On the bigger properties, then you will be easy to make some rooms which tied together you with creative landscaping and hardscaping in your area. In this sketch, then outdoor dining space and the living room were made as the two separated entities. This page is very functional as the whole along with the path to get into each destination.

The serenity of the outdoor living room

This sketch will show you with the serenity of the outdoor living room. It was placed alone in the yard and this concrete patio has the ornate outdoor fireplace which looks like floating close to the water. It can be accessed with the pathway and it will make the focus point in your backyard. It will be pretty large to accommodate furniture without being too big to reduce its intimate appeal.

Furniture materials

We all know that slate, brick, concrete, and flagstone were among the most favorite of patio surface, whether it uses alone or in combination. When you choosing the materials, you can consider some factors to match with the style of your house, if possible. And if you want to get dining regularly, then you have to choose a smooth surface in order to keep tables and chairs from getting wobbling around. From the information above, then you can use them as a reference for concrete patio ideas for small backyards.

Do not forget the details

The patio can be the simple big slab of slate or concrete. However, to make use of the outdoor living space, then you need to get some facilities such as the fountains, planters, fireplace or low-voltage lighting. So, you can let your lifestyle and need to decide the detail that you want to be added.

Designing your planting

The shrubs, trees, and flowers will help your patio blend together with the rest of your garden and it should not be the afterthought only. Whether the simple one or more complicated, then the patio planting will increase tour excitement and enjoyment when you spending outdoors.

Stamped concrete patio
Concrete patio ideas
DIY concrete patio
Concrete patio designs
Stamped concrete patio designs
(credit: Design By Mish)
Stamped concrete patio ideas
Fire pit on concrete patio

So, you are able to give tour patio with more unique touch by including the colorful pockets, easy maintenance plans like groundcovers which can handle the heavy traffic while still maintain its structure as well. The creeping tyhme especially can be your great choice for the bright patio because it will release the lovely aroma when you stepped on it. Choose your best concrete patio designs layouts.

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