Unique Patio Umbrella Stand Ideas

Are you looking for the different patio umbrella stand? It might be true that the stand can be anything because the focus will be on the umbrella. However, there is no one who can refuse the unique stand ideas for patio umbrella which can be done as a DIY project.

Patio Umbrella Stand
(Credit: cococozy.com)

Paint Bucket

Yes, there is no need to buy the new stand for creating the umbrella stand which can enhance the function and the look of the patio. People can always use the things which they keep for long enough time in their garage such as the paint bucket. A largely sized paint bucket actually can be a great option of the umbrella stand. It will look unique as well because it can also be used as the place for planting the flowers. It means that they will not only get the umbrella stand but also the beautiful decoration for the outdoor living space.

Half Barrel Flower Pot

The paint bucket is not the only thing which people can use as their patio umbrella stand taken from the garage. They can also use other things such as a half barrel. The principle for creating the umbrella stand from the half barrel is pretty similar to the paint bucket. However, there is a slight difference which can be found since they should add the concrete to the barrel. The remaining steps which must be taken are pretty similar because they can make it much more attractive and useful by planting the flowers in it.

Rolling Stand

People can find a great result when making the umbrella stand from the paint bucket and the half barrel. They can have the patio which looks beautiful and comfortable. However, it will be difficult for them to move the umbrella stand around. It means that they have to work very hard when they want to change the decoration in the patio. In fact, this will not be a great problem any longer because they will add the rolling plant stand which allows the umbrella stand to move around. It will be combined with a large flower pot which will also be used as the flower planting media.

Cinder Blocks

Last but not least, people can keep the umbrella stand simply without any flower planting involved by using the cinder blocks. All that they have to do is just arranging the cinder blocks which have a certain amount of holes. They even can make a small tower with the cinder blocks as the patio umbrella stand.

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